Thanks to Aral Pinoy

Sir Antonio Ingles, Jr., DLS-CSB professor and founder of Aral Pinoy at San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly in Manila – 2012.

Meet Antonio Ingles, Jr., Ph.D., a full time faculty member of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) who through his nonprofit organization’s endorsement, Aral Pinoy, recently helped start this website for The Little Sisters of the Poor, San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly.

As one of many ways to advocate for our facility in Manila, he also created a Facebook page, so people can keep up with our activities, including the volunteer work he and many of his students participate in.

What a fine way to help us serve the needy elderly. Perhaps in the future, because of broader exposure, we will be able to expand and serve more of the needy elderly in the Manila area.


Tatay Bernabe ♥ by Toni Chew

Today (July 20, 2012), I met a great guy. We touched each other’s hearts but he touched mine more: Tatay Bernabe ♥

“Ganito kami kapag may bisita, masaya. Pero ‘pag wala na, malungkot.”  “Hindi ko na kaya, nahihirapan na ‘ko. Hindi naman sa pinangungunahan ko ang Panginoon pero ayos na kunin na Niya ‘ko.”

(“This is who we are whenever we have visitors, we’re happy. But when all is gone, we’re sad.” “I could not bear it anymore, I find it already difficult. While I’m not preempting what the Lord wants from me, but I’m ready if He will take me now with Him.”)
“Ipagdasal mo na lang ako; ipagdarasal ko din kayo” “Basahin mo ‘to. Sa’yo na lang para may memorya ako sa’yo.”

(“Just pray for me; and I will pray for all of you too” “I want to you to read this. I’m giving it to you so that you will have a remembrance from me.”)

Nakakaiyak kanina habang sinasabi niya sa akin ang mga ‘yan. Ang hirap makinig at makipagtitigan sa taong ganyan ang sinasabi sa’yo. Mag-86 na siya sa Lunes. Sana magkita pa kami ni Tatay Bernabe. Saludo ako sa kagaya niya. ♥

(I was teary-eyed when he was sharing all these to me. It’s not so easy listening and looking eye to eye to a person talking about these to you. He will be turning 86 years old this Monday (July 23, 2012). I hope I could still meet Tatay Bernabe someday. I salute all those people who are like him. ♥)



Visit by ISA and HRMS

July 2012 visit by members of HRMS and ISA

The International Students Association (ISA), a special interest organization of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) established to generate cooperation between international students and Filipino students by providing support and guidance to all members recently visited the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly.

They collaborated with The Human Resource Management Society, a student organization also of DLS-CSB. During their heartwarming visit, the students took over 80 photos, which are posted on their Facebook Page.

This collaboration between ISA and HRMS happened since both of them have the same objectives for their visit and thus, they decided to merge on this meaningful activity. This also saves the two organizations’ budget for renting a bus.

These students who are energetic, enthusiastic future leaders who are all members of ISA and HRMS were accompanied by Dr. Antonio Ingles, Jr., a full time faculty member of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies at DLS-CSB.  Both organizations are committed to the empowerment, advancement of growth and holistic development of students, and support to further raise the students’ level of competence in their respective fields through the organizations’ various programs and projects.

HRMS Organization Description

We, the Human Resource Management Students of the School of Management and Information Technology at DLS-CSB, motivated by the keen awareness of the importance of business and a strong desire to uplift the present standing of the students’ knowledge, skills and abilities, hereby establish an independent professional organization to further increase student participation and cooperation in matters that are connected with or related to the value of human labor.

The organization desires to provide aspiring managers with opportunities to improve their craft through the exchange of ideas among members and to inculcate the values of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and Saint Benilde Romançon as are integrated in the College’s Mission-Vision Statement.